January 6th, 2013


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I have decided to try to start planning at least one day ahead, every day. I used to be okay at this without really formalizing it, but I think the baby brain is hurting my ability to keep track of multiple things.

Today I decided to make a list of things I want to happen tomorrow, and then make a corresponding list of things I need to do today in order for tomorrow to go the way I want it to. We'll see if this system works for me. So far today I have taken a nice walk (we walked down to the new development and got lunch, then walked home), I made a grocery list based on meals for the week, we did the grocery shopping, my new pants are marked for hemming, and I have figured out which classes Pres Man and I would like to take from the hospital and what dates we think we'd prefer. I've printed out the form for those classes and will get it ready to mail tonight.

My cold, I'm hoping, may be on its last legs. I've been pushing clementines and orange juice, and trying to stay hydrated.

Still to do: hem the pants, do some laundry, pack my sister's box and get it ready for mailing, write out some thank-you cards, and put some stuff in the car tonight so I cannot forget it in the morning, like my coworker's Hunger Games book.

I wanted to get my haircut today, but I'm thinking that may not happen - it's getting late. Maybe that can be a tomorrow night thing.

I'm really, REALLY tired now. I might take a nap and then see how much I can get done when I wake up later.
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