July 14th, 2012


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Here's this week's progress. It's not that great, but I'm chalking it up to mismeasuring previously and possibly to hormonal fluctuations. Or maybe I'm gaining muscle that's bulking up while not losing enough of the fat that lays over that muscle.

Weight: -.5 lbs
Left Bicep: - .5 inches
Right Bicep: no change
Left Forearm: no change
Right Forearm: .25 inches
Neck: -1 inch (back to where I started)
Chest: 1.25 inches
Bust: 1.5 inches
Waist: 1.5 inches
Hips: no change
Left Thigh: 1 inch
Right Thigh: 1.75 inches
Left Calf: .5 inches
Right Calf: no change
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I have been doing a crappy job getting ready to have people over who have never been to my house. I just cannot seem to get motivated to get things done. They are all really nice people so I'm sure they will be forgiving.

Here's what Pres Man and I have managed to get done:

Yard is mowed
Driveway is sprayed off (and OMG that was a job and a half due to all the tree debris, but it's so much better now)
Weeds have been whacked
Tablecloths have been purchased
Squirt bottles have been acquired (found two kinds at Walmart, got the condiment ones instead of the cake section ones because they were .03 cheaper per bottle and they are larger)
Dye has been located
Crockpot has been tested
Crockpot liner has been purchased
Soda has been purchased
Bottled water has been purchased
Husband's allergies have been activated
Spoons and measuring cups that will never again touch food have been acquired
Most of our old paint has been taken to the hazardous waste site (that was ALL Pres Man, and I am so thankful)
Yard has been watered

Still to do:

Pick up the kitchen, living room, and dining room
Clean the bathroom
Find my actual sock blank (have the dye, but the blank is MIA)
Drag the tables upstairs
Bring the empty downstairs tub upstairs
Dig out some old towels
Mulch the areas right by the house (purely cosmetic, and it may not get done. My body is overriding my vanity)

Tomorrow we'll take the tables out, tape the coverings on, run the extension cord outside with an outlet bar, set up the crock pot and double burner, hang the plastic on the fence and staple it up there, hang up a few hangers for yarn drying, put out the folding chairs, set out the gloves, a scale, a trash can, and paper towels, get some ice, set up the cooler with drinks, and mix up my dye. And then it'll be fun time!