June 26th, 2012


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Tonight's workout was mainly triceps. This time we did four sets of eight instead of three sets of ten, and I could feel the difference, but it was good.

The cardio tonight was a lot easier for me. I was going the same speed and I thought it was seeming easier, and when I looked at my heartrate I realized it was a LOT lower than last week. So I'm going to have to step that up a notch.

As of right now, I am able to bend my neck without any pain, so the pull I had from last week seems to be all better.

I had a good time again. I'm really hoping that this means I am someone who will enjoy lifting as a permanent life addition.

I need to get more workout clothes; luckily my version of workout clothes are not the really pricey stuff that everyone else thinks they have to wear to work out.

It occurred to me today that we have a new sporting goods store in town that we have never visited. When we are in the market for our additional bar, we need to check there.

Today I had to kind of force myself to eat enough calories. I took a big nap and was not hungry for dinner. I made sure to get over 1200 calories (including my first taste of greek yogurt, which was awesome), so I got enough, but it was weird that I had to make it happen. Usually getting enough calories is not my problem. :)

Today was a really good day, despite the heat. Thank goodness our nice cool basement is where we had room for the weights and stuff.

Tomorrow night we'll do legs again. We'll do deadlifts, leg curls, leg raises, and bent knee hip extensions.
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