January 31st, 2012


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Tonight was a better night. I did some more sanding, washed the Goo Gone off the walls, and now I'm watching Alcatraz.

I tried a different grade of sandpaper, and it's SO much better. The first time I was afraid of sanding too deeply, so I used medium paper. Tonight I tried the coarser stuff and OMG what a difference. It's so awesome.

I will have more sanding to do; I need to get one of our big extension cords and use that to get the corners of the room. But it's definitely getting there. I love my Mouse so much.

I'm really happy my motivation came back. I'm not quite as driven as I was before, but I need to accept that I cannot go full steam all the time. It's okay for me to take a break; it does not equate to quitting.

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And now some test paint is on the walls, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I think they are both awesome colors, I'm just not sure they are awesome together.

Also, they are not covering the paint on this wall as well as the other paint covered downstairs. This is the same brand, but I did not take into account that the walls on the main floor might be different than the ones downstairs. It seems....grabbier? Anyway, I will need to add another coat before I can really tell about these colors.

Also, I spent a lot of time painting the gold on the wrong wall, so I'll have to cover that up and put blue there so I can see the colors meeting in that corner. Derp.

It felt really good to put paint on the walls.
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