January 22nd, 2012


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We swapped out the desks today. I'm....not as ecstatic about it as I thought I would be.

Part of it is that I am sore. Very sore, and I was sore before today. My lower back was hurting last night and it has been sore all day, even when I'm not moving. I finally took some Tylenol (which I dislike, but I cannot take ibuprofen right now), and that helped some. I also took a big nap and right now I'm sitting against a firm pillow which is helping support the sore area and also keeping me warm, which feels better.

The desk we moved out of the drazi room and into the living room is never the size I think it is. Every time I put it somewhere new, it's either smaller than I remember (not everything seems to fit on it) or it's bigger than I remember (which is how it worked this time). It extends out from the corner of the room farther than I thought it would, which means we are not able to put the DVD shelves on either side of it. There is only room for the speakers and then we run into the windows on each wall.

It's not the end of the world, but I had hoped to move the DVD shelves so that we could put a coat tree back there. We don't have anywhere to hang coats and jackets by our side door, and that's the door we use most often.

Also, we ended up putting the TV on the top level of the desk, which means it's pretty high up. Pres Man thinks it's okay, and I'm trying to get used to it. I feel like I'm craning my neck though. If we don't put the TV on top, though, we lose some of the storage shelves on the desk because the TV will block them. Also, if the TV is not up on top, we don't have anywhere good to put the receiver, and that's a big problem.

There's a lot of wasted space underneath the desk, since this was designed as a desk and not a corner entertainment center. What I would like to do is find a short book case or other kind of shelf unit that will fit underneath the desk in the center, which would provide more DVD storage and also hide all the speaker wires and cords that are back there.

I did not take any pictures of the back of the receiver, which I wish I had done. Our DVD player is not hooked up correctly somehow, and our surround sound is not surrounding us currently. We'll figure it out, it's just frustrating right now.

I've started putting Goo Gone on some of the sticky stuff in the drazi room, but it's slow going. That stuff is stubborn.

We have a lot of stuff that is still a mess. The coffee table is covered in DVDs, phone books, envelopes, a keyboard, mouse, pens, pencils, etc. We don't want to put stuff on the new corner unit until everything is hooked up properly and we scoot it back into the corner.

Even though it doesn't look like I had hoped, we did a good job today. Pres Man did an especially good job, since he did most of the stuff that required him to contort himself in ways that would have really hurt me today.

Hopefully tomorrow we're going to get the sound fixed, the DVD player sorted out, and we can start putting things in their places. That will probably go a long way toward improving my view of things.

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Today we ran errands. It was a nice day to be out of the house; it was in the high 50s/low 60s! It started to cloud up by the time we were on our way home, but it hasn't rained yet.

We got a cordless mouse/keyboard set that we have already hooked up and it works great. That will make watching things on the computer (and playing Starcraft on the big screen) a lot handier.

I found a black bookcase that I'm going to eventually build and put underneath the center part of the corner unit. It may be too tall in its current configuration, but I am not afraid to adapt it. I am confident that I can successfully shorten it.

Its not yet time to build it yet, though. First we have to fix whatever is causing our PC not to transmit sound through our receiver. We get great picture, but the sound is just not there. We have a call in to my BIL (who set it all up last time) to see what we're missing.

We got nuts to finish screwing the brace bar on the bunk beds.

We got a surge protector to put in the New Library.

We got Girl Scout Cookies!

I got a three-way halogen bulb for my beside lamp. It's supposed to last for 5 years. We shall see.

My lower back is feeling a lot better today. I soaked in the tub last night and then when I woke up this morning, my lower back popped and since then it has hurt significantly less.

Time to go knit. And order some black fingering weight yarn from Knitpicks; the group is putting in an order tonight and I have not heard back from the LYS about my black yarn.
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Knitting tonight was okay. We were at the donut shop again but I stuck to water and only had one donut. I got to sit near S and C, I got my order in for the black yarn, and I got a lot done on the dog sweater for Jet.

When I got home, I decided to check on the sticky stuff on my walls. I had applied Goo Gone yesterday and I had not been that impressed with it. Well, it says to let it sit for a few minutes. Letting it sit for a day worked really well. I have now removed nearly all of the pieces that I treated yesterday!

I need to get back in there and put some more on the stubborn parts and also put it on some of the other sticky places. I'm so pleased it works!

I figure it will take another couple of days to get all of that stuff off the walls, then I'll patch the holes and the day after that I'll do some sanding. I need to get some sandpaper for my mouse sander sometime this week, along with a dust mask. I have some goggles already.

I'd love to say we could be painting by next weekend, but I don't feel like I can pick out paint until we have new bedding to match the paint to. And today when we were running errands I didn't find anything close to what we're looking for. I had hoped that Spring colors would be out now, but all I saw were dark colors that were on post-Winter sale.

Maybe I will shop online.

Anyway, it's still moving forward, so that's good. I really pleased with myself for doing at least something related to this project every day.

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And now all the stickies that I originally treated are removed, and I have applied some Goo Gone to the rest of the stickies I can see. Now I'm off in search of our handy crowbar, so I can pry nails out of the walls. Or maybe not; it occurs to me now that the Goo Gone may be one of those things you should not inhale, so maybe staying out of that room for now would be better. The nails can come out tomorrow.

Besides, I have a cat on my lap all of a sudden.