July 18th, 2011


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Our air conditioner's pump went out sometime this weekend. So all the condensation that should have been pumping out of the house was instead dribbling onto the floor of the utility room. And over into the game room (which is carpeted), and into the pink room (also carpeted).

I'll just be over here running the carpet cleaner. All day.
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One Step Closer

My brilliant husband was correct and it was the condensate pump (why
don't they call it a condensation pump?). The plumber was just here
and confirmed it. However! Even though we said it was the condensate
pump when I called, they did not trust me and did not send one out
with the guy who came over. So he had to run back and get one.

Whatever, I'm just glad we're getting it fixed. I did price the ones
at Home Depot before I had this guy come over, and they were very
reasonable. And I read the reviews, which almost uniformly said "This
pump sucks. It broke right away. I got another one and it broke
right away too. Do not buy this pump."

So I didn't. Which is kind of sad, because as far as home repairs go,
I am pretty sure we could have done this one easily. The thing plugs
into the wall and you just have to feed one tube into it and one tube
out. And screw it to the wall so it doesn't vibrate itself around.
Easy peasy.

But we'll pay for this one, and honesty with the temperature already
93* F outside (heat index of 99*), I'm going to be happy about that.
And when it's fixed I am going to run the heck out of it, because this
house is hot and humid and I have carpets that need drying.

I felt really silly this morning after we had mopped the utility room
and soaked up what water we could with towels from the game room
carpet; I remembered right as Pres Man was leaving for work that we
have a carpet cleaner. We haven't used it here because we have mainly
hard floors. He hauled it downstairs for me and it's been doing a
really nice job of getting the water out of the carpet. I dread
moving the heavy stuff around so we can take the carpet up and get it
dry underneath, but you do what you've gotta do.

Pres Man mentioned this morning that it might be a good idea to get a
dehumidifier. I think maybe we should. Or see if we can rent one for
a few days.--
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We have a dehumidifier, we have a hose to drain the dehumidifier, and the carpets are significantly drier than they were.

Getting the hose properly connected to the dehumidifier was pretty tricky. We had to try three times and Pres Man put in a new washer. I think that might have finally done it. And if not, the reservoir will fill up and the unit will stop condensing and turn on a little light that says "Hey! I'm full!"

OMG, I just pointed out a big spider on the wall and Pres Man got a shoe to go after it. He had to stand on a folding chair to get to it and I said, "Oh no! Don't stand on that chair wrong; you'll break your leg!" He said, "I know how to stand on it right, and I'm going to break a spider. All eight legs!" And then he did.

We do not give spiders clemency; they do not get banned to the outdoors. Once they come in the house, that's it. Same thing with wasps, silverfish, roaches, scorpions, and probably others I am forgetting. By the way, I have seen NONE of the ickies in that last sentence in this house. Yet. With all the wetness in the basement, I am really hoping we do not see any silverfish. They are so yucky.

Anyway, I think I can sleep tonight. We have a new pump for the AC and it is very nifty (and quiet!), we have a new appliance sucking the water out of the air, we have fans going in all the dampish spots, and we drove the cat crazy.

Seriously. He has been making this weird cry lately and is easily startled. And that was going on before the plumber arrived. Maybe he found the wet carpet before we did and it freaked him out.

We watched HP VII.I tonight, so we are all ready for the final installment. Somewhere I read or heard it referred to as "Harry Potter and the End of the Gravy Train," and I can't stop calling it that.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get back to normal life. By which I mean going to work all day and sweating over a costume at night. At least I'll be cool.
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