July 12th, 2011



I am kicking butt and taking names over here. I have a few pieces left to cut out but I'm not worried (anymore) about running out of fabric. It looks like I did a decent job of estimating the yardage! And figuring out my own layout.

I'm so hot, though. Why is cutting out patterns exhausting for me? Maybe because it's an unusual posture so I'm using different muscles. I hear now and then about people who have higher cutting tables and I am jealous. But I'm really just grateful to have a table, because this beats the snot out of cutting on the floor. Especially with my helper. He's been supervising me a bit, but mainly he's disappointed that all the action is happening on top of the table where he can't (legally) get at it. Poor kitty. :P

Tonight I listened to The Chamber of Secrets DVD while I was working. I'm considering putting in Prisoner of Azkaban. I may not finish that one tonight.

We tried a new restaurant tonight (I know! AGAIN!). Smashburger was okay, but not our new favorite or anything. Their iced tea was interesting though. It was good, but there was something different about it. I'm not sure what it was, but I liked it.

Back to the grind!
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The Cuttening is complete!

I'm feeling a kind of high from getting it done, and I feel a strong urge to begin sewing, but I'm not going to do that. It's late and even though I feel competent, the likelihood of a mistake is too probable.

But yay! My main goal is accomplished. Tomorrow I can put it together. I hope that will go smoothly, as many times as I have sewn and taken apart the mock-up.