June 25th, 2011


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I'm awake and really "up" already, which is unusual for me on a Saturday. It's good, since I have lots to do, but I kind of don't trust myself to do things right for some reason. Like maybe I'm actually half asleep and don't realize it.

So I'm starting slow. I made a step-by-step list of everything I need to do, in order, so that I can hopefully not screw up if I slip into zombie mode.

I may also go shopping today; I think I need more tissue paper and a couple of other things.

OMG! My husband just walked in with a plate of bacon, eggs, and toast! PERFECT eggs! He's one of those people who can flip eggs without using a spatula. Amazing man.

So I guess I'll eat my breakfast and get to work. Whee!

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It's been a pretty good day. I've been doing a lot of work on the mock-up and I'm nearly done putting it back together. I'm a little worried that the sleeves won't fit now; I marked them carefully (I THOUGHT) but now that I have altered them I am afraid they'll be too small. But if they are, I can just re-cut unaltered ones and try again.

We were supposed to get storms or maybe just rain today, but I think we are going to miss out. Pres Man watered the grass so if the rain does not manifest we'll still be okay.

Tonight we might be eating out with Kiwi and Koganei before the game. That should be fun.

I'm watching a squirrel running around in our redbud tree. He's pretty cute. Not like The Grumpy Squirrel.

This weekend is the Country Stampede, a country music festival that takes place out at our lake. So far we have not been directly impacted by it, but last night we heard a LOT of sirens. One right after the other. I don't even want to know.

Time to get back to the fabric.