April 17th, 2011


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So far today I have seen a pair of finches, a pair of cardinals, a loud bluejay (he was too big for the feeder, but he wanted to scare everyone else away regardless), a grackle (our first birdbath customer), and a robin.

We are probably going to try to find one largish rock to put in the middle of the birdbath so the littler birds can stand on it and drink. I was worried that the bath was too deep and slippery for them, and that might be right since they have not ventured in.

I spilled some seed last night while I was filling the feeder (note: needs a funnel), but the grackle took care of a lot of that for me. Yay!

We are getting ready to go to Your Highness now. I've been looking online for fabric and I find that I am just too chicken to order anything. I guess I'll go to Weisner's and Hobby Lobby to see if anything there catches my eye.

But not today, since Hobby Lobby is closed.

I need to remember when I'm cutting pattern pieces that the skirt needs to be a few inches longer so I can attach both tiers of pleats. And I'm thinking of making them shallower than the pattern calls for. Lots of Victorian clothing had smaller pleats. Now that I have my new sewing machine doohicky, maybe I can use that instead to make nice even pleats. There will still be lots of pressing, but it may cut my time down as far as measuring and pinning and such.

There will be no yardwork today; I am going to celebrate Kiwi's birthday with the movie and then dinner/hanging out, and then SnB. S will not be there this evening, so I'm glad I made the call to make sure I could go. I'm the one with the signs, anyway.

I don't know what to take tonight; I will be able to finish the second mitt and weave in the ends pretty early on I think. I'm still not to a point on the chemo cap where I feel comfortable taking it public. Maybe I need to go search my stash and take a new project. I have a hankering to try something from my amigurumi book.

I will need pipe cleaners for that, though. Depending on what I make.

Time to go get medieval.