February 2nd, 2011


It Arrived!

I want to state that today is not actually my birthday. But I'm opening my presents anyway, because they arrived today.

Also, I needed something really fun today.

Happy birthday to me...


Happy birthday to me....


Happy BIRTHDAY to meeeeeeee....


Happy birthday to me!



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I'm feeling a whole lot better tonight. I don't think this is solely due to the arrival of the swift and the amigurumi book, but that sure helped.

The swift is lovely. I have not tried it yet with actual yarn, but I played with the pieces and opened it and closed it and it all works the way it should. Also I am way more taken with the book than I expected to be. I think I'm going to end up making most of the patterns in there.

Maybe not the eggplant.

Then again, you never know.

I'm doing "normal" stuff tonight and that helps too. Laundry, checking the group to see if modding needs done (and I may have a "date" to the yarn store party on Sunday!), and watching Comedy Central with the husband.

I obeyed my sister and had chocolate for dessert tonight. Pres Man and I split it and it was tasty.

I have decided to give my phone a reprieve. But it is definitely on notice. I do not care for shenanigans when I am raging.

The roads here are nearly perfect now. I imagine my husband will have to go to work tomorrow. Poor guy (says the woman who has been to work while he's been at home).

I also have a chiropractic appointment tomorrow night. That'll be good.

I should get my sister's birthday present ordered and sent directly to her. Tonight.