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This was an okay weekend. Friday night we went to the Purple Power Play on Poyntz, where we perused the vendors, saw the KSU marching band, and watched about a jillion purple fireworks. Some of which we ended up wearing, because we were standing downwind and they were falling down on us. Nobody caught on fire.

Saturday night we played D&D Next, with new characters and the new testing module. Last time I was a fighter, this time I was a cleric. We did pretty well. We were there about an hour longer than I wanted to be, but it was fun.

Sunday I did not do a lot. I thought about going to Knitting, but I was kind of feeling under the weather so I stayed home. Also, someone broke one of our planters; they knocked it over. There's not a total loss - I think we can fix the piece that broke, but it was kind of sad. Pres Man has said all along that it's a bad idea to have them out there because it's too tempting for drunk jerks, and I have maintained that it's OUR yard and I should be able to put them out there if I want to. I still feel that way.

Today we went to the zoo and walked around. It was a good visit, but we did not see any of the baby animals that the zoo keeps emailing me about. We did see the new snow leopard though. He was curled up in his little rock shelter. It was too hot for him.

Tonight it thunderstormed, which upset the cat, but made everyone else happy. I'm not sure how much rain we got but the yard sure seemed to like it. I probably lost that much more dirt from the broken planter, though.

My aunt is having brain surgery tomorrow and I only found out tonight. She had surgery for a tumor years ago and I guess it came back. I hope it will be easier for her this time; last time she needed speech therapy and other 'relearning' therapy. That would be so frustrating.

I've had a headache most of the day. I thought it might be related to the lack of caffeine, but I fixed that and the back of my neck still hurts. Maybe I played too much Portal 2 with my head at a bad angle.

Tonight's Grimm was good. I'm kind of sad that it's moving to Fridays, because that usually doesn't help, but we'll see. I'm looking forward to Revolution.

The 1st was my father's birthday. He'd have been 64.

I find that I am bored with the internet lately. Nothing feels new, nothing is funny, nothing is entertaining. Maybe I should get a damned e-reader and read some real books instead of looking for fun reading online.

Also, between friars saying that raped and molested children are "seducers," Akin saying that women don't get pregnant from "legitimate" rape, and Smith saying that a woman who conceives from a rape faces the same issues as a woman who consensually conceives out of wedlock, I'm kind of done with the news. Not to mention Ryan's awfulness, which, outside of women's issues, is pretty amazing. Way to blame President Obama for something that really happened on Bush's watch. Did you think people wouldn't be able to look that shit up? C'mon.

I hope we're not all as stupid as he seems to believe we are.
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