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Tonight at Knitting I got a lot done! I finished weaving in the ends on the overdue Nemo mittens, so they are ready to receive eyes, mouths, and linings. I also finished weaving in the ends on the alligator bag. When I finish the miles of i-cord that goes with that bag, I'll be able to throw that in the washer to felt it. Then it's just light finishing (and adding eyes) and he'll be done!

Pres Man asked me what my goal for that is. I said "Octopodicon," but he countered with, "You don't want to show it off to your family when we see them [before Octopodicon]?" Well Of COURSE I want to do that! So I need to make sure that happens.

Time just sneaks by me.

I regret to state that I have not produced a single hat this weekend. But I am READY to do that. I'm trying to figure out the most efficient and cost-effective way to bond my fake leather to the felt backing. Should I just iron a big hunk of it together and then cut out pieces, or should I go to the trouble of cutting out each piece from pleather, then each piece from fusing material, THEN cutting each piece from felt? The second way involves more time and cutting, but the first way wastes the fusing stuff. And with fusing a larger surface, there is a greater probability that I will end up with some non-fused parts, and that's not good.

More thinking required.

While searching for all my patterns, I managed to clean out the nursery a bit. It turned out we had lots of empty boxes in there! I am guessing my original plan was to use them to sort Keep, Sell, Trash stuff. But since most of them contained bubble wrap they did not LOOK like empty to-be-used boxes, they looked like boxes of mysterious stuff.

They are no longer in that room and I'm getting rid of them completely.

Another part of the mess in there is the leftover painting stuff - rollers, thingies that snap on to the lip of the paint can to make pouring easier, edgers, poles, pans, pan liners, etc. Stuff that should go to the storage room since the room is painted (except for like, two spots that need fixed up, but that will just require the green paint and a sponge brush).

But before we can put that stuff where it should really live, we need to pull the stuff that is in the storage room out and into bins, so that can go back under the stairs and THEN we'll have more room in the storage room.

And I'm thinking of doing all this at the same time as making several steampunk outfits for each of us, to be ready to wear by October. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

I'm going to need to get some buckles. Maybe Tractor Supply would be a good place to try.

Or maybe Orscheln's.
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