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Tonight's workout

And I STILL have not remembered to measure myself! You're supposed to do it on a rest day, so really I should have done it yesterday prior to exercising. I guess I'll just try to remember this Saturday. Phooey.

I officially claimed another lost pound, which felt awesome.

Tonight we did leg raises, leg curls, leg extensions, and calf raises. Usually we alternate doing either the front of the leg or the back of the leg, but Pres Man is still sore from moving stuff on Saturday, so we did it this way to save his back from some of the stuff we normally do. Between my knee and his back we're quite a pair.

I took my leg extension down to almost the minimum. It was just enough to feel resistance, like if you were using one of those stretchy bands. It did not hurt at all. I did leg curls with the same amount of weight I used last time and that went fine. I about died during the abdominal leg raises, which just shows we skipped those for too long an interval. And the calf raises were okay.

I did the recumbent bike before and after and had no pain. I did feel pain going up the stairs, but it was minor. I was wearing my knee brace tonight.

I tried my foam roller tonight! As expected, it was unpleasant. But in a way that makes me feel hopeful, because if it hurts, that is supposed to indicate that YES, your IT band is tight, and the roller should really help.

I'm going to ice my knees for 20 minutes and go to bed.
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