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I'm using the house icon for this entry not because it's about my house, but because we helped some folks move from an apartment into a free-standing single family dwelling this weekend.

Even though they lost a bit of square footage, they gained walls they do not share, freedom from vermin that infested their previous neighbors' units and which always found their way into my friend's place, a yard (fenced!) for their two adorable doggies, hardwood floors rather than old carpet and torn linoleum, a lovely roofed back porch, a driveway (you cannot overrate a driveway in my town), and they have moved from an area I would be leery of into a neighborhood where we saw tons of folks walking their dogs and children and some who were even friendly enough to say hello.

I think it's doing to be a really good change for them and I'm happy we were able to help.

I feel a little guilty because we left before they were completely done. I could not hack it any longer. Between the issues I have been having with my kneezles (particularly the left one) and the fact that I am 38, not 28, I wore out around 8:45. We'd begun at 1:00 so I did put in some time, but we had a nice rest between loading the truck and unloading the truck, when they provided pizza and I got to lie on the floor recuperating a bit. I had to sit down several times during the loading and unloading though and I felt a lot more worn out than I expected, what with the recent adoption of cardio and weight lifting.

Still, everything I carried was something that someone else did not have to carry. And Pres Man went with me, even though I had been careful not to volunteer him when I agreed to help out. He did so much and I am so proud of having a husband who is SUCH A GOOD PERSON.

Today I am quite sore. My quads are painful, sometimes even when I am not moving, and my lower back is complaining that I should have done a bit more lifting with my legs. Overall I think I'm okay, just really stiff and sore.

I'll do an epsom salt soak tonight before bed and that will probably help a lot. Last night I slept with a heat pack on my lower back and woke up feeling a lot better. I also iced my knees and that helped a lot.

It sucks to get older. I don't feel as old as my chronometer says I am. But every now and then something happens to remind me that I have some miles on me and I just need to slow it down.

However, aged geezer or not, I did help and I'm happy about that. Moving sucks so badly and that's why I always volunteer to help. And this move was haunted by bad luck - they reserved a truck with one company, called the day before to ask if they could move up their pick-up time, and were told they did not have a reservation. They even had the print-out proving they did, but the company would not accept it. Then the other company did not have a truck for them, and the only reason they scored one at all was because Company 2 tried to pawn off a truck with no AC on a guy who was driving over 2000 miles. He refused the truck and my friends were able to get it. That stress cost them a lot of time and THEN they had to take the truck to the next town over to have it weighed, because they are military and the weight of the items moved is necessary. They could have done it in our town had they gotten the truck earlier, but our weighing station closed before they could get things straightened out with the truck companies, so they had to jump through another hoop so they could get reimbursed for their costs.

As far as taking care of us, I've gotta say that this was the best-fed I've ever been as part of a moving crew. They ordered nearly one pizza per person, and with such a variety that there was something for everyone. That was pretty awesome. Usually someone gets a large thin-crust and expects everyone to have half a piece, or something.

I'm planning to go to Knitting tonight and restart my shawl. That should be satisfying. And it'll mainly work muscles that don't hurt.
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