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I miss this place like crazy, and catching up in the evening is not the same. I get home and my mind is dead and I cannot remember all the things I wanted to say. I'm pretty sure not journaling is going to be detrimental to my brain long-term.

I could also be braindead because Pres Man has taken to watching Piers Morgan (mainly to make fun of him, I think, because he's an awful person and a terrible interviewer), and that's what's on right now and it's draining my brain juice.

It finally rained here which was awesome. It was a lovely thunderstorm. Piewacket had to make a hard choice; hide downstairs from the thunder or tough it out upstairs so he could shun our workout. I'm pretty sure his offense at our workout won. Cats are so funny. He cannot stand it when we do something that does not, even peripherally, involve him.

I got the fabric that I ordered! It was here when I got home and it looks perfect. It's exactly what I had in mind for Pres Man's Hobbit vest. Hunter green with a leafy design. Bootiful.

This week is the Dog Days sale in my town, so I may go to the yarn store and see if there's anything I need. I do not need more stash, but a really good deal may be irresistible.

Our cicadas are singing here. I don't think it's a brood year, so these are probably Tibicen cicadas. They don't take years and years to mature.

Huh. While looking that up, I think I figured out what it was the scared a fellow knitter and myself on Dyeing Day. We thought it was a giant wasp that wanted to kill us, but it was probably a Western Cicada Killer, which are not very agressive toward humans and who reportedly have a mild sting despite their horrific size.

Kind of a relief.

We're not gaming this Saturday so maybe I will be able to start a sewing project. Or two. I'm looking forward to getting back to sewing; I have not done it for so long.

Pres Man came up with an idea for hobbit feet that may work really well. It would involve brown fun fur and flip flops, and it's way more doable than anything I came up with, as well as probably a lot easier and faster. He's so smart.

Tonight is a leg night and I'm afraid of it because it would normally be quads and that's what bothers my knees. But I printed out a knee strengthening workout and I will probably do that instead of squats/lunges/leg extensions with weights.

Maybe we'll do leg raises. I can do those.

I don't think I posted much about the baby shower I went to on Saturday. It was a Hogwarts themed party, which was awesome and the hostesses did a great job with decorations. They even had lots of little ornate frames with pictures of Hogwarts teachers in them! I was supposed to make my wine charms (like I did for my Harry Potter Party before) but between trying to finish the Nemo mittens and not getting a headcount (had to know how many for each house) until pretty late, I did not get them done. However, they are mostly done and I am hoping to finish those this weekend and get them delivered soon after.

I did have one done already, because I made too many Hufflepuffs last time I did this, so I gave away the best one to the Hufflepuff at the party. Come to think of it, she may be the person I had in mind when I made them originally!

We played one of the best games I've ever played at a shower. One hostess wrote a story, incorporating some passages from the Harry Potter books and involving the shower participants and the guests of honor. THEN she took out strategic words and we had to fill them in Mad Libs style. It was awesome when we all read them aloud in order.

Most people had on some kind of Harry Potter garb, and those who wore civvies had pins indicating that they were muggles, which I thought was cute. I took my paper and hot glue wands and they went over way better than I thought they might (better than last time I tried to show them off, for sure!). I think I gave all of them away so that made me feel good.

Miss Miah was the honoree and she looked really good. Some people really do shine when pregnant. I hope that will happen for me when I get there. More likely my hair will go limp and my skin will break out. LOL

It was fun to see her because I did not really get to be friendly with her until she moved away and I started interacting with her through mutual LJ friends.

Also, it was really fun to have an excuse to wear my HP costume again. And I took my official wand that Koganei got for me at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

So yeah, that was fun.

I guess my brain woke up after all. Maybe because Piers Morgan is over.

Oh, and in case I forgot to mention it previously, today's scale reading was Down a total of 28.5 pounds. And I totally blanked on taking my measurements Saturday, because of the shower and THEN because I had another gathering to attend which was like a tupperware party but NOT because they sold toys that need batteries if you know what I mean. So that was an experience and a half. But I had the best cookies I've ever had in my life, and I'm going to receive that recipe on Monday. Awesome. And in case you were wondering, yes I did buy something. Turns out they sell flavored lip gloss, so I could support the hostess without buying something embarrassing.
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