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Well I can stop being cagey now about my new knitting project. It's another pair of Nemo mittens for a baby! I went to a shower on Saturday and I had wanted to get them done by then, but then one of the hostesses asked me to do some other stuff and instead of knowing my limits I tried to do both and did not get either done. But I had "real" presents from the baby registry and I even managed to put them in a gift bag with tissue paper which is a vast improvement over my normal "leave it in the sack from the store" method of wrapping.

The mittens are mainly done, and here's what I need to do to completely finish them:

Weave in the ends
Add eyes and mouths (embroidery with black yarn)
Knit the fins
Put in fleece lining, so little fingers don't get caught or hooked on interior floats

They're looking pretty cute and I think they'll ultimately be fine. And then I was reminded by someone that the recipient lives in a pretty warm place, so the mittens will not actually get any use. Oh well.

I should have finished them tonight at Knitting, but after working so hard on them (lunch times, standing in lines, in the car) and not making the deadline I kind of didn't want to work on them tonight.

In other knitting news, I frogged my shawl tonight. I bought some dental floss before going over, the cheapest they had, and thought it would be okay to add my lifeline when I knitted the next row.

Big mistake. I should have threaded the floss on a needle and put it through the row of stitches I was on, rather than the row I began knitting, because I totally screwed up that row. And then I messed up tinking back below that row, and THEN I had an accident where one needle slipped out of about ten stitches at once, and after that it was not salvageable. I'm sad, but optimistic that the second time knitting it will go better.

This time, the floss will go in differently and actually do the job it's supposed to.

I got my new sock blank and sock yarn tonight! I'm very excited about doing some more dyeing. I don't know when I will do it though. It's so hot outside I could probably just squirt on the dye, roll up the yarn in plastic wrap, and sit it in the sun.

I probably won't do that. I'll probably use the Goodwill Crockpot again. Though I may just work flat on the driveway rather than hauling out a table.

I left Knitting earlier than I normally do because there was a group sitting in the room we were in that was really annoying me. It was a group of people who seemed to know each other from their church, and they were going on and on about the state of Native Americans and how horrible it was that the men in those families were not stepping up to the plate and the kids were just following in their footsteps and blah blah blah. Their conversation was also peppered with things like "Nothing against the Catholic church, but...."

It drove me nuts. One of the guys had set himself up as an authority because he spent a weekend on a reservation or something, and he would say something and everyone else would be just shocked and do their tsk tsk tsking and the way they were talking about it I got the impression they weren't really wanting to help, they were just rubbernecking the way you do at a car wreck. It was titillating but they weren't going to really do anything about these horrible problems. I was really fed up with them by the time we left.

Maybe I will re-cast on for my shawl tonight. I really wanted to get that done before October.
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