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Tonight's workout

I got some weights today! I am really happy with them. They are a set of dumbbells that came with enough weight for a total of 20 lbs. I am doing way less than that (in fact I am using the set of tiny plates we already had), but it's nice to have more weights that can work on my dumbbells, Pres Man's dumbbells, and our barbell.

My new dumbbells are the type with screw-on ends, which I really like.

The cardio tonight started out a little rough for me. I felt stiff when I got on the elliptical and my quads started complaining right away. I just kept going steady and worked it out, no cramping and no real pain. It got better and after the weights, I was able to finish strong on the recumbent.

I did bench press, hammer curls, wrist raises, and bench flies. I increased my weight on each exercise. It was a good workout. I'm tired, but I feel good.

It was satisfying to get back to working out after missing one night last week (we never made it up due to the dinner thing and getting ready for dyeing day).

I also did really well on my calories today, so I'm just very pleased all around.
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