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Tonight's workout

We got back to it tonight. We did arms, since we did not work out last night. I bench pressed 2.5 lbs more tonight, I used a heavier dumbbell (up 1.7 lbs) for my bent over rows, and I did preacher curls and wrist extensions with a total increase of almost 1 lb for each exercise.

I worked harder on the cardio tonight in the hope that it will help me sleep better. I increased my speed on the elliptical about half a mile per hour and I could feel it, but it was good.

Sadly, when it was Pres Man's turn on the elliptical it was REALLY squeaking. It is now a priority to lubricate that danged thing before using it again.

I feel good about what we did tonight. Tomorrow we'll do legs and that'll be good too. I am glad to have worked out again. Glad I felt that I could do it tonight.

I stayed under my calories today, which is another triumph. For a day that started out pretty sucky, things ended up pretty good.
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