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I did some yoga tonight! I found one on Netflix that I think I may be able to live with, at least for now. I had some trouble because my thighs are still large enough to keep me from being able to get into some positions. For instance, I cannot bend one leg underneath of me, cross the other leg over that leg to my other side, and have the second foot flat on the floor.

Maybe my legs are just too short. Yeah, that's it.

But I did it, and that was satisfying.

I updated my weight and goals in my calorie counting app and I can have 10 fewer calories a day. :P

Tomorrow night we start weights again! Arms, probably biceps. I'm trying to talk myself out of going after some new dumbbells tomorrow night before we work out. Kind of wish I'd bought the ones at the thrift store; they were just like mine but twice as heavy. But I resisted so that I could get the kind with adjustable weight. I don't need a jillion pairs of dumbbells floating around.

Time to soak in some epsom salts and go to bed.
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