kauricat (kauricat) wrote,

For the past two days, my morning weigh-in has indicated a total loss of 27 pounds. I'm going to claim 26.

I'm so proud of us (Pres Man and I, not the Royal Us) for doing this. Like I said earlier, I am happier overall and I love feeling that little bit stronger and fitter.

But not so much stronger and fitter as to want to go out in extreme heat. We did not hit the zoo for a walk today because it was too friggin' hot.

I have decided that if I don't find a good stretching or yoga video on Netflix tonight, I will just hop on the elliptical. I doubt it would hurt me much to not have any cardio today, but I think I will do some anyhow. It feels kinda good.

So far today I am doing awesome with my calories. I listened to my body and only ate half my sandwich at lunch. Now I have some for later.

I'm still so jazzed about those jeans yesterday. I need to go jeans shopping for real sometime.
Tags: dw, lom

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