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Tomorrow night's workout: Inclined Bench Press, Overhead Extensions, Lat Raises, and Tricep Kickbacks.

I am disappointed in myself because I did not do yoga tonight. I found my DVD and book, but when I read through the book and watched the DVD, I found myself wincing at some of the things she did and the speed at which she was doing them.

Also, and this is so weird of me, but it's a thing: she has an accent that turns me off. And what is weirder is that this is the second time this has happened! It is the same thing that turned me off my Yogilates DVD and that was a different person. Same accent, though.

I went to Amazon to find recommendations and you know what? I think I may do better with "stretching" DVDs than with straight yoga. Or maybe do that for a while before getting into real yoga.

I found myself kind of wanting to work out today. If the gamers had not been here I might have hopped on the elliptical. I think that's a really good sign, that I was craving exercise.

I am looking forward to next Saturday because that's when I decided I will take my measurements every week. I am really hoping I'll see some kind of difference. Today I saw my shadow while we were out and I thought my hips looked slimmer. I also caught my reflection in a shop window and thought the same thing. Woo hoo.
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