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Wow. I slept a lot later today; I guess yesterday's accomplishments and running around took their toll.

I woke up happy though, so that's good. For lunch, we went down to So Long Saloon, where we had not been for a while, and happily got seated right away (it's a very small place and there is usually a wait). I had their green chili cheese since this was going to be my big meal of the day. It was delicious. You can get it with beef or chicken and I opted for a grilled chicken breast. On top of that, they put a cooked green chili, opened up and flat, then they put chili verde and melted cheese over all of that. It's served on a fried tortilla but I did not eat that part. I also had about half a side of potato salad, because they have the best potato salad I've ever had.

I'm waiting for it to cool down a bit (it's over 100 degrees) before I try mowing the lawn. I may not get it down before going to Knitting. If I don't, then hopefully tomorrow won't be quite as hot.

My painful shoulder is a LOT better today! I can bend my head over and I only have a little discomfort, which is a huge improvement.

I'm looking forward to Knitting tonight. We're going to be at the yogurt place again and I'm happy that I'll be working on my alligator bag.

Oh, I got all the Dwarven Battle Bonnet charts redone AND I added the instructions for the horns (Miss Miah's modification that really make the whole thing awesome) to the word doc with my charts, so now I'm pretty much ready to try the first one of those. Whenever I get some good yarn and a good time to do it. I should really finish Jet's dog sweater first.

Tonight after Knitting I will try some yoga and then tomorrow night it's back to weights. I told Pres Man he needs to figure out our nightly workouts and then I realized I was asking the poor teacher who already had to make Summer lesson plans for his classes to make additional lesson plans for us. LOL His work is never done.

The moss that planted itself over by the AC is still doing well. I keep forgetting to get some buttermilk for it. I'm hoping I can convince it to spread on its own rather than having to blend some moss up and plant it that way.
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