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Today I got a text from Pres Man. It said "The good news is that I put the cover back on the basement window. The bad news is it was a day late."

Yes, we had water come in through a basement window in last night's downpour. We had taken the cover off the window well when the plumber came because he had to replace the spigot, which is normally under the window cover.

Annnnnd then we did not put it back. We keep thinking we'll find a different type of window cover, because Pres Man thinks the ones we have look ghetto. But our house apparently has a bigger than normal escape window or something, because all the ones we can find in the home stores are not big enough.

Anyway, it's back on now and Pres Man had already pulled out the stuff and sucked up the water by the time I got home. He also set up the dehumidifier, and everything looks like it's okay now.

Man, I think I'm going to sleep really well tonight. I am already feeling a little sore. But happy. I worked out! Again! And I was under my calories by a significant number.
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