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Happy Houseaversary!!!

Today marks our 2nd anniversary in the house. I am still so happy we got it. I like the location, I like the size, I like the yard (which is small and THAT IS GOOD), and I like the color (now). It's a happy little house.

For House Day, Pres Man decreed that we were not going to replace the inner workings of the toilet. I am in complete agreement. The reason is because we finally read the instructions and found out that this will involve several steps that would work better if they were spaced out, and we don't want to start today and have to finish tomorrow. So since Pres Man is off tomorrow, he will shut off the water, drain the tank, and remove it. Then when I get home it will be dry and we can put in the new stuff and seal it up with the silicone they recommended.

Overall, the instructions do not seem that difficult. I think we have the tools we need, all the parts, and all the associated gunk. I'm looking forward to getting it done.

Instead of bathroom work, I think I will mow the lawn again (or at least do stick patrol, preparatory to mowing), since it's looking shaggy. I guess this means our lawn is doing well, since I feel as if I just mowed it.

So far the new tubing for the AC is working fine. I put the new water alarm down there so if we get a pump failure or a big leak, we should know pretty much right when it happens. I'm so pleased that project went so smoothly. Makes me feel all professional and stuff.
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