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AC tubing replaced!

We did it! We replaced the tube that goes from the condensate pump (and wow, it still bothers me that it's not a "condensation" pump, but that's just me), and we did it right the first time!

We drilled a hole in the outside end of the tube we already had, tied our nylon rope through it, pulled it through, drilled another hole in the new tubing, tied the other end of the rope to that, and pulled the new tubing through easy as heck.

I really thought it was going to be awful, but it was pretty easy.

Having cell phones helped. When you have one person inside and one outside, communication is vital.

I watched it until the first cycle of the pump, and the connection did not leak. I think that means we're good. We'll see.

I'm very proud of us, and relieved that it is done.

I have not yet put the electrician's putty in the hole in the wall where all the pipes and tubes come out, but once we're really sure that this is okay, I'll do that.

Go us! We did something!

Tomorrow, the innards of the upstairs toilet, which has begun leaking water into the bowl. Still pretty slow, but it's really time to take care of that before it starts affecting our water bill.
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