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Family Weekend Visit

I had a really good weeked! Thursday night my brother-in-law (Pres Man's brother) and sister-in-law arrived. We went out to the Japanese steakhouse and it was really fun. We got one of the good chefs and we had a good meal.

We went home and watched Thor, then passed out. Pres Man and I both had to work on Friday, and our guests were planning on doing some shopping.

I got off work a little early and as soon as I had pulled myself together we took off for the graduation. We arrived half an hour early which was just about perfect. We got good seats and managed to save some for my father-in-law and his wife. The other side of the family (the nieces' mother, her parents, our older niece, and the live-in) were seated on the floor of the gym.

It got warm in there, and I realized I still had my collapsible fan in my purse. I whipped that puppy out and felt a lot better. I put the colorful side toward myself so I would be less distracting. We were in the top row of the bleachers, so there was no one behind me to see it.

The graduation was a good one, and then we went to a local restaurant that had really cheap food but it was tasty. It kind of reminded me of something from my hometown. I had a patty melt and it was FABULOUS.

We all piled into the car and headed back to Manhappiness, with a stop at the girls' house so the graduate could pack her overnight bag that she had forgotten in all the excitement.

The girls were too excited to go to sleep right away, so we let them pick a movie and they watched Stardust. I tried to hang, but I was too tired and had to go to bed around the time he was getting his haircut from DeNiro.

The next day, we all got up kind of late and then went to a cookout reception for a graduating cousin. She just graduated from K-State, which is quite something. We had cheeseburgers, homemade potato salad, pasta salad, cake, and s'mores.

I had a good time, despite not really knowing this set of cousins. I got to hang out with my sis-in-law quite a bit. I feel like every time I see her we get a little closer. :)

After the graduation party, we went bowling. We bowled three games and I finally found my groove by the third game. Naturally I am sore today. It was worth it.

THEN we went to see The Avengers, which is still an awesome movie. I would have enjoyed it more if the lady beside me had stayed home. She had a little girl who was more than two and maybe three, and she was letting her run all over. She had those little light-up shoes, so it was super distracting. Also, the mother (in order to try to calm the child down) whipped out and breast fed that girl at least three separate times.

Normally I am of the opinion that breastfeeding is natural and you should not be forced to stay at home to do it. However, I am also of the opinion that you should be very modest about it and this lady WAS NOT. Hello, it's not THAT DARK in the theater.

But I was nice to her. I saved her spot when she got up to get a drink. When she came back obviously overheated and panting (from chasing the girl? I know not), I got out my fan again and she gratefully used it for quite a while. Also, I let her live. So yay for me.

When we left the movie, we had Orange Leaf (the frozen yogurt place) and that was fun. I think the girls really liked it.

We finally got home and everyone had to cycle through the shower because there had been a fire at the graduation party and we were all smokey. Then the girls tried to stay up but everyone was pretty worn out. Pres Man went to bed first, and that never happens. Everyone else hit the sack soon after that. Mainly sis-in-law and I were waiting for the smokey clothes to finish washing so we could throw them in the dryer before going to bed.

This morning I woke up early. Not as early as Pres Man, who had decided to cook breakfast for everyone, but still early for me. I was in the living room waking up when he returned with groceries and I hayulped by setting the table. We had to put a leaf in it to get six people around it, but that worked fine. I love that table.

We had scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and toast. It was very good, because Pres Man rocks at making breakfast.

After that, they got their stuff together and took off. I think they left a little after 10.

Piewacket was very brave this weekend. He came out several times and let the adults pet him. He was more wary of the girls, but they each got to pet him a little too. And today when the younger niece fed him bacon, he looked at her in a whole new way. lol He can be very brave when bacon is involved.

He was probably just glad they did not bring a dog.

I'm so pleased everything went well. The bunk beds seemed to be a hit; I think more than just having beds, they were pleased to have their own room in an isolated part of the house. I forgot how much teens like their privacy. They didn't camp out there all the time, but I could tell they liked having a place to change in private rather than having to haul their stuff to a bathroom each time, and it was definitely better than sleeping out in the living room like last time.

Pie has been sleeping with me or near me a lot since they left. I think he doesn't sleep that well when we have company over. I took a nap this afternoon and he was right there immediately. Now he's curled up on the futon near me. Sweet kitty. I'm so proud of him for trying to be friendly this weekend.

I did pretty well with my calories this weekend until today. Pres Man brought home donuts and I had two of them. That pretty well submarined me. I guess I could go try to get on the elliptical or something, but I'm still really tired and I doubt that's going to happen. Hopefully the muscles I worked during bowling are so needy that the extra calories will go into energy to fix that mess.

I think we're done with big stuff for a while. No more visits, no more parties, no more Scheduled Things. I could be wrong; this might be the weekend we go to the graduation thing where Pres Man works. But I think we might have missed it during this visit. Either way, I'd be okay. I like to go, but if we missed it, I won't lose any sleep.

Maybe I can work on the yard. I pinched off the blooms from the geraniums, finally. I hope they are going to do okay. They're looking a little spindly. Maybe I need to water them more, even though we got some rain. And then they'll be that much heavier, in case someone tries to walk away with one again. lol
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