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Weight Loss progress, yard work, and the upcoming visit

Today I went over my calories a little bit, but if my calorie counter is correct, I still came out ahead due to the yard work of digging holes and planting three more gallons of phlox. Thanks, Kmg, that mattock worked a TREAT. It cut right through the sod and into the clay. I think I would like to do a lot more mattocking. It's very satisfying work. Though it uses muscles I don't normally use that harshly, and I think I may be sore tomorrow.

But the phlox are in. YAY!

And another yay, because my calorie counting app always tells me "If every day was like today, you'd weigh ### in five weeks." Most days it gives me a number that is lower than where I'm at. On bad days, I get a number higher than I currently weigh (which is really good for making me eat better).

If every day was like today, I'd be down two and a half more pounds in five weeks. It's not a lot, but it is still a projected loss and that makes me feel like a winner. WINNING! Maybe I have some tiger blood in me.

I got some kind of bad news today; we have one day less than I thought for straightening up the house. My BIL and ALSO my SIL are coming to visit on Thursday night instead of Friday! OH NOEZ. I thought maybe I should abandon the phlox planting in favor of working inside the house, but Pres Man told me to finish the phlox planting and work on other stuff Tuesday and Wednesday.

He went down and attacked the library and apparently it's looking much better.

We're going after bedding tomorrow night, and then I think I will make the guest room ready, clean the main floor bathroom, and put a bunch of stuff in the nursery to get it out of the way. Again.

Wednesday can be dusting and vacuuming. Pres Man will probably take care of the kitchen and the main parts of the basement. I'll make sure to wash the kitchen rugs when I do the bathroom rugs.

It's doable. And then I can have my sister-in-law (The Woman Who Does Everything More Beautifully Than You Do) in my house (for the first time) and maybe not freak out too much. :)
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