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House Substitute for Senate Bill 313

So there is this thing you can do in the legislature that I just learned about. It's known as a "Gut and Go," and the way it works is you take a bill that already passed the other house of congress, you cut all of the contents of that bill out, you paste in a completely new bill, and then you send it back as amended for the other house of congress to give an up or down vote.

In this way, the Kansas House of Representatives inserted House Bill 2598 into Senate Bill 313 and passed it. Now the Senate has to say "Sure, those changes are okay with us," and then it's going to be a law because Governor Brownback has said he'll sign any pro-life legislation that comes to his desk.

I have spent a lot of time reformatting the damned thing so I can make sense of it, and now I'm going to read through it a couple of times and write to the Senators, pointing out the worst parts of the bill.

I'll probably be posting those pieces here, too, since the last time I did that it came in really handy, more than once.

Also, it rained here again, so it's a good thing we got the darned yard mowed.
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