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The Avengers

Someone took one of our urns sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning. Pres Man went out and checked down the street and lo and behold, there it was. Probably some kid thought it would be funny to play musical urns.

Anyway, he brought it home and here it has stayed since. Darned kids. Stay off my lawn. lol

We saw The Avengers and it was good. It started a little slow for me, but part of that might be that we had to see the 3D version since the 2D version we wanted to see was sold out even though Pres Man went to get our tickets early. So our viewing was a little dark. But still good. Captain America is now my favorite Avenger.

We had the best seats in the house, too. We were the first people into the theater! We never do that. The people right behind us in line turned out to be the husband and roommate of one of my Knitting friends, so we passed the time by talking to them.

I also saw another knitter while I was waiting in line. The girl who always wants to meet at Varsity Donuts came through going to an earlier showing.

We saw a couple of little kids in our showing who had Captain America's shield and Thor's hammer. That was so cute.

We also had some college-looking guys show up in Batman, Robin, and Superman shirts (kind of costumes but not really, mainly t-shirts sometimes with the addition of a cape). And there was a Punisher who looked decent. I did not even attempt a costume. I could not pull off Black Widow at this point. lol

We missed some of the dialogue because all of us were laughing or groaning or gasping at the same time. The audience was really into it. I am excited to see it again in 2D with subtitles so I can find out what I missed.
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