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Well, crap. I am sick. I have a sore throat and aches. I will not be going to the Parkinson's fundraiser tonight at the BBQ place, nor will I be marching in the Take Back the Night March at K-State. :(

On the plus side, being home allowed me to receive my Oriental Trading Company box AND I paid off the painters. We are 100% done with the house paintening, and I am so pleased.

They stayed with the number they estimated. I'm so impressed by that.

He told me to watch in the next month for peels; with a house that required as much scraping as ours did (the people before did not do a good job taking care of the siding), it is a possibility that the latex paint will tighten and break as it cures on some of the places where the old paint had peeled really bad. He said if that happens to give him a call and he'll come fix it.

He also said the paint will darken a bit more as it cures, which is why it looked lighter than I expected the first night. Awesome.

I can check another thing off my list of "first times" now. Whee.

As for the Oriental Trading company package, it was slightly disappointing. When I opened my lovely white lace parasol (I thought it would be a great Steampunk accessory), it came apart PLUS there was a small hole in the lace.

Do you know that Oriental Trading Company has online chat support? They totally do. I got a hold of Tiffany and she is sending me a new parasol at no cost to me, and they do not want the old one back. That's pretty awesome.

I got my other order yesterday, and I am so happy with my Statue of Liberty crown. When I tried it on, though, I thought, "That elastic is too tight. I'm going to have to fix that. I can't wear something that tight all day."

The I tried it on again in front of a mirror and the thread on one side snapped so the elastic is only attached on one side. I knew it was too tight! lol I have some black elastic I'm going to use to fix it. And then it will fit my head perfectly.

Sadly I am not up to going to the t-shirt shop tonight to get my shirt ordered. They are pretty quick though (usually same day service) so I am not that worried about getting it done by the 28th.

Pres Man came home today for lunch since one of his classes got shifted around, and he brought me some very tasty Arby's. I think the French Dip really helped my throat. It still hurts but I can talk more easily now.

He's so good to me.

Now that the painters are done and there will be no more banging and drilling, I think I'm going to go back to sleep.
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