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Tonight when I got home, I paused to admire the power-washed house and thought "I should take a picture of that!" I went inside and thought "Oh! Stale Coffee! I should wash that out and get the coffee maker ready for tomorrow!"

And then I thought, "Why am I hearing swiftly trickling water from the basement?"

It turned out that the hot water line that leads to our kitchen sink had given up the ghost. It had been patched in two places by previous owners, and replacing a lot of the pipes in our house has been on our "someday" list since the water main died our first Summer. It's just that it was never on top of the things we wanted to do. Other things seemed like more immediate needs.

Ha ha. Until today! I did okay with this emergency, I think. I turned off the water main, started cleaning up the water (which had LUCKILY dripped onto a pile of sweaters that had been layed out to dry and then got stacked up when they were dry and never got taken upstairs because it's not sweater weather anymore and I am lazy), and I realized the water was WARM. So I ran the hot water in the downstairs bathroom to make sure the pressure from the hot water was all gone. That stopped the leak nicely.

And we didn't lose anything. Unless my sweaters did not make it. We'll see. But it could have been so much worse! That counter where the water was dripping has my yarn stash under it! But it's all in plastic tubs and plastic ziplock bags, so it's all fine. I think. Whew!

Instead of working in the yard or do laundry or anything, we moved a bunch of stuff out of the way for the plumber, sat around waiting for the plumber, sat around waiting for the plumber to do his thing, then we paid him the bill plus about $100 MORE than it would have been during regular work hours (totally worth it), and now here we are.

We had to pay overtime since neither of us could be at home tomorrow and we did not want to go so long without water. I was sad about having a broken pipe, but as Pres Man said, that's why we put money away every month, so we don't even have to think about it; we can just get it fixed. It's nice that we are able to absorb an emergency plumbing issue. Though between this and the exterior painting, I think we're pretty much done with big ticket fixes for the house this year. At least, I hope so. :)

And now I'm going to go run a hot bath in hot water and enjoy the sound of no water going anywhere it is not supposed to go.

I cannot believe another day has gone by and I have not taken the picture of the house's exterior. I will have to try to do that tomorrow morning, I guess.

Piewacket would like me to tell you that he was (eventually) very brave and totally sat on the futon for most of the plumber's visit, watching him run in and out and up and down the stairs. Brave kitty. Who is now passed out against my side because being that brave is exhausting. :)
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