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I am so sad this is a thing

I read an article today that really upset me. It explains in horrifying detail something I always kind of suspected happened, but had no idea it was as awful in real life as I supposed in my imagination.

The article is here, and it's potentially very upsetting, so maybe don't click on it just yet. It's about Reproductive Coercion. It is when a man wants so badly to impregnate his lover that he will threaten her, abuse her, rape her, sabotage her birth control, etc. It's about women whose lovers (husbands or boyfriends) were so invested in impregnating the women that when they failed to carry a child to term or if they dared tell the man that "I no longer want to have your child" (as in "I don't want to get pregnant" not as in "I am having this child aborted") that the man became violent and even threatened the woman with a gun. It's about abusers using pregnancy as a means of control to keep their victims from being able to leave.

It's horrific. For me, the worst part is not even the stories in that article. It's that I found it through a Twitter link to a to a Livejournal site where women shared their personal experiences with this kind of abuse in the comments. It's in a childfree community, and if you're prejudiced against childfree folks, please don't let that allow you to just dismiss their stories about reproductive coercion. It makes me wonder if some of the women who commented might be childfree, at least in part, because of the abuse they suffered from someone who was obsessed with impregnating them.

Reading those comments from women everywhere, women who are just livejournal users, like me, really brought it home. It happens. There are women who are suffering because some weird setting in their lover's brain is haywire and he becomes obsessed with impregnating her. As if that is all she is good for. As if her dreams and desires do not enter into it.

It's another reason I am ultimately pro-choice. When women are deliberately impregnated against their will through force or trickery, they need some recourse.
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