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The hostas are in the ground. The other shovel is THE BOMB DIGGITY (see what I did there? "Dig?").

I worked the soil some, mixed in the moss and garden soil (which was mainly decomposed wood/mulch, so more organic stuff for our clay), and carefully nestled each hosta into its new home. I watered them in and said goodnight. I hope they will be very happy.

Tomorrow I will plant the phlox. I had been planning to use the urns for that, but I recently remembered that it gets COLD here, and my phlox has a very good chance of freezing in an above-the-ground planter like that. So I may plant the phlox around the front of the hostas or around the base of the redbud and use the urns for their original geranium purpose. I do have white geraniums arriving in a week or two from that fundraiser.

So! Tomorrow will be phlox planting, mulching of the new flower beds (possibly with wet newspaper underneath, since I hear that helps), and then the front of our house should look a lot more respectable. Maybe we will also get the weed & feed on the yard.

Also, the painters should be working this week so that's awesome too. By the end of this week or next, it'll be like a whole new house! :)

I did not make it to Knitting, and while I missed seeing everyone I think it was better to get the plants in the ground. I'm a little worried about the hostas because they were so root bound. I hope they will loosen up and be happy now that they are in fresh dirt with room to breathe.

Gardening is a lot of work, but I have always wanted a place where I could decide what to do with the yard. I'm really hoping that in a few years, I'll have a yard that looks put together instead of like a messy accident.
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