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Happy Easter!

The blinds are completely done! And we got a new sparkplug for the mower, which we hope will help it last another Summer.

I have dug three of the six holes that I need to do for the hostas. I have not mixed in any new soil, sphagnum or anything. It was very hard work to cut through the grass, which is apparently doing VERY WELL in those spots. And then Pres Man said later, "You're using that shovel?" Apparently our OTHER shovel would be better for my hole-digging, so when I go back out I will use that one. Either way, I also bought some files today for shovel-sharpening.

It's not sounding good outside; at first the mower sounded really happy to get a new sparkplug, but now it's sputtering and complaining. Maybe the older gentleman who just came over from across the street will fix it for us. I don't know;I think this foe may be beyond any of us. Cleaning the carburetor last year helped, but not enough. It may just be that our cheap Walmart push mower had a planned obsolescence of 8 years.

Poor Pres Man's allergies have really been getting him this weekend; then he went out and mowed. Poor sneeze-monster.

I need to get myself ready and go to Knitting. Probably there won't be a lot of us there because it's Easter, but it will probably be good for me to go anyway. Even though I am pretty tired.

Our nice lady across the street had her whole fam damily here for Easter, and that's part of why I'm reluctant to go out and dig holes for hostas. What if that older man comes over and gives me half an hour of helpful hints about that? I'd get to hear "You're using that shovel?" again. LOL

Maybe it's enough that we got the blinds replaced this weekend. Now they are all clean, they all match, they all have turning rods (one was missing it before), and they will not jump off the window when you're adjusting them (this is a danger with the cheaper blinds when they lose their plastic sliders; our new blinds don't attach that way).

Pres Man pointed out that there is a sign in our neighbor's yard asking for renters. I guess the people who were there were not our real neighbors? I don't know.

We have had a lot of birds in our yard today. The cardinal was here, lots of littler birds (finches I think), a bluejay, some grackles, the stupid pigeon, and even some robins.

I'm sure the robins heard that we have earthworms. I found four today, which was four more than I thought we had in the front yard. I also found a slug, who went on what may have been a permanent vacation to the sidewalk.

I really need to find my gardening gloves.
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