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So far I have not planted anything. I had wanted to get that done this weekend, and there is still time, but Pres Man pointed out that it might be a good time instead to put up the rest of the new ("new" even though we bought them forever ago) living room blinds. We have two left to do, so that's good. We'll get those finished this morning.

Yesterday we also went after more mulch because I never thought I got enough for what I wanted, and seeing the bags in our yard proved that I was correct. We also got some pond "pebbles" that are huge rocks, which I am going to put in the urns for drainage. And some nuts and washers so that I can hopefully use to make the drain stopper in the bathroom work. The stopper works great, if you reach under the sink and move the rod manually. It's not connected to the piece that comes up behind the faucet. I'm going to fix that.


Maybe when I get into another faucet mood, and I replace our kitchen faucet.

So many things to do, so little time.

Oh, we also got some weed & feed, which we'll hopefully be spreading today. I plan to cover the hostas with bags for that adventure, just in cases.

It should be perfect weather for working outside. Yay!
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