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FIL got here over two hours later than he said he would, and to my knowledge we did not get a call advising us of the change in plans. Luckily, we are selfish people so after waiting an hour and a half+, we had dinner without him.

On my way home tonight I thought I'd get some cypress mulch at Home Depot, because it was on a deep discount this weekend and I hoped it would still be there today. Nope. All sold out. But I did get six rectangular pavers, six hostas, and a flat of phlox. Last year I remember thinking I should put hostas in front of the house, and I never did. Well, this year that is happening. I think I will put the phlox in my urns and when the geraniums arrive I will just plunk them in there if there is still room. If not, they can live in pots on the porch.

Pres Man and FIL are watching the KU game and I have been sent downstairs to do laundry and keep the cat company. During one of my brief forays upstairs to get more laundry, I greeted the dog and was told by FIL that when Jet saw our house, she nearly got away from him because she was so anxious to get here. I'm glad she likes us, but in a way that just gives him another reason to occupy our house again later.

Oh! I also got a water alarm for our heater/water heater room. That way if we have another pump failure, we'll know pretty quickly.

Today was a pretty good day. It was quite warm, so I did water the grass. I just do not trust the storm to deliver. I also put my new plants where the water could get them, so hopefully they will still be happy tomorrow when I go out to put them in the ground.

Pres Man says I definitely need to find some mulch now, because I need to put it around the plants I do not want mowed. lol My other mulch need is I plan to put it along the driveway by the fence, where the leaves build up and it's just icky/muddy when it's wet. I want to rake it all out, clean it up, lay down wet newspapers to discourage growth, and cover it with mulch to make it look clean and deliberate.

I did not go by the pet store, because I was so anxious to get my plants home. I'll swing by tomorrow after work and get the scooper/grabber. I should find my gardening gloves and throw them in the wash while I'm doing this laundry marathon. Then they'll be nice and clean for playing in the dirt tomorrow. Possibly with a friend, because S from Knitting volunteered to help!
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