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I have a dog cuddled up next to me right now. It's Jet. She's been visiting this weekend with my in-laws, and they left her with us while they are at today's bowling tournament. I took Jet for a little walk around the neighborhood and on a safari to our overgrown backyard, and she's a lot more docile now than usual. She's still young, so she has a lot of energy.

The visit has been good; we got the house cleaned and Pres Man went out and got FOOD so we could have breakfast and lunch at home (we seriously never eat at home anymore). Not that I had breakfast; I told him last night I was not going to want any. I was so amazingly tired.

We dug out the coffee maker we got for our wedding and we've made two or three pots of coffee. I had a cup earlier and it was a little strong for me, but okay. I guess it's time to unpack the mugs and make room for them; since we never drink anything that requires mugs they have languished in their box since we moved here.

Pres Man mowed our lawn today, and it still looks great. It's a little patchy, but definitely GRASSY. I'm so pleased that the grass took this time. It needs to be watered, which I may do tonight when it's a bit cooler. I know you're not supposed to water then, but I'm going to do it anyway. :P

We should get some weed and feed.

He also got our branches out on the curb and bagged up some leaves! He made breakfast (eggs and toast) and he made delicious onion soup burgers for lunch. We should have the in-laws visit EVERY weekend. :)

I tried the dog sweater (what I have done so far) on Jet and it fits perfectly. I'm so pleased, and so were my in-laws. Jet did not seem to mind it too much and my father-in-law said that she gets chilly in the Winter, so maybe it will actually get some use. I am more excited about knitting it now. :)

We went out to the Japanese steakhouse last night and it was awesome. We had a really good chef and some fun table mates.

I slept really late today; yesterday was so busy. We got up when it was still dark to drive to our niece's Forensics tournament, where we judged the first two rounds. I got to judge Prose and Poetry, while Pres Man judged Oration and IDA. During my second round judging, I was part of a three-judge panel and the other two judges did not realize so they started without me! I was not even late, just apparently a few seconds after the first performer RAN into the room and started her Prose. I got it all straightened out with the main person, but I was kind of ticked because there are TWO reasons that should never have happened. There is always supposed to be a tournament worker for each room who checks the room prior to the beginning of each round, and they should have let the judges know they needed to wait for their third (me). AND the judges themselves should have known they were one short, because when you pick up your judging packet for each round, the kids at that table TELL you what's going on. I know because I was on a panel for first round, also, and they told me very clearly what was going on.

I wonder if they'll have me back; I wrote some notes on things that were not working well on my "can we contact you next year?" sheet. I love judging, but I really do not like poorly-run events.

We got back to Manhappiness in plenty of time for the in-laws' visit, but not in time to grab a nap first (sadness). So instead of sleeping, I beat Portal 2. It was not as easy as I remembered; I used to think that the first "final scene" was the hardest of the two, but this time I struggled to get through all the steps in this one. Maybe last time I cheated and looked everything up, whereas this time I did not, just relying on my FAULTY memory for how to do it.

Piewacket has been self-exiled to the basement for the duration, and he's doing okay down there. He's got the bunk beds in the library, he's got his food and water moved down there, and we've got a baby gate over the doorway to the basement so Jet cannot go exploring and invade Pie's space. But Pie is sad because he usually spends so much time with us and sleeps with us, and now he can't.

Pres Man and I have been visiting him now and then. He's all purry and cuddly and playful, so he must not be too miserable. He's definitely not interested in coming upstairs though.

I thought it would just be for the weekend, but last night my father-in-law said he would be coming back Monday night and staying with us until the following weekend. He kind of asked, but we were mostly voluntold. So we'll be hosting FIL and Jet for a week, and Pie will just have to be okay with it somehow. Maybe eventually he'll come up and meet the dog. Maybe when she's in her crate for the night I will take down the baby gate and see if he wants to come exploring.

I have decided that I am going to take Jet for a walk every evening during the visit. She's still young, so she has way too much energy to be happy in the house all day. I took her out today for a walk in the neighborhood and that went really well. She's not completely leash-broken, but I am stronger than my FIL so when she tries to pull, I am not swayed. So we'll work on her leash walking. It'll be good for me to get a walk in. With some resistance weight training. LOL

I am going to get one of those dog poop scooper/grabber things that you put a bag on. I will be a responsible dog walker.

Tonight I'm going to Knitting and I'll be working on the dog sweater some more. I thought about walking Jet over since there is outdoor seating and someone mentioned we might try knitting outside, but if we did not do that, or if she was too energetic, we'd just end up walking right home again. Maybe I will try that another time.

The birds are loving our bird feeder. My favorite ones are the cardinals, but the grackles are showing up now too and I love how pretty they are in the Spring. Their heads get all iridescent blue/green and their bodies stay black. They are too big for the feeder, but they have taken to designating one of their group to knock the feeder around and spill seed on the ground so they can all eat it. Smart birds.

Jet likes to watch birds more than Pie does. I find that funny.

It has been hot this weekend, but not as hot as I thought it might be. Or maybe I just don't get hot as easily as I used to, now that I'm lighter.

Time for Knitting!
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