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I did it! I worked really hard tonight! Pres Man taped down the dropcloth and I sanded the HECK out of that room. I am over halfway done, but I ran out of sandpaper. I know, I was surprised too. But remember that really bad section I kept talking about? It was patched with plaster, which is REALLY hard to sand. I mean, it sands nice and smooth, but it is tough. I got two of the three really bad spots done (along with the rest of two whole walls, and the walls that are left have a window taking up most of one of them and closet doors taking most of the other).

So tomorrow night we will have to go out looking for more sandpaper.

I was in there over an hour. Which helped me come in under my daily caloric goal. Awesome.

I think tomorrow if I can get the rest of that patch sanded down, I can finish the sanding of the walls tomorrow night.

Honestly, if I had to do it over again, I might have chiseled those patches off rather than sanding them.

Pres Man is doing better today. That made it easier for me to concentrate on the room. I think we will be painting on Saturday, which is awesome.

Two spiders came in while I was in there (the window was open to have a fan in it), so it's going to be time soon to spray the bug barrier again.

The house was 80 degrees when I got home today, but we are not turning on the AC yet. Fans are doing okay for us for now. I've been really happy with our utility bills lately. I want to make that last as long as possible.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new South Park tonight.
Tags: dw, house

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