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My boys are both sneezy tonight but only one of them is unhappy about it. Thanks to a day over 80 degrees (WHAT IS THIS CRAZINESS?) my poor husband is miserable. His allergies are severe; this may be the worst I have seen him during the Spring.

Pie is sneezy because I gave him one of his birthday presents. It's a catnip mouse. He had a grand time playing with it, but now he's in the kitchen rolling around sans mouse, pouncing on nothing. I guess I got some good catnip. Pretty soon he'll move on to the so-stoned-I-can't-move stage, and then he'll fall asleep.

Tomorrow maybe I will give him another new toy; a chirpy bird.

We bought paint tonight for the walls. Pres Man said tonight that he thinks we should do the walls first, rather than the trim, so that's what the new plan is. We chose a lovely light green with a little blue in it and I think it's going to look very nice. We did not even get a tester; we are emboldened after our previous adventures and just dove right in. Now we have all the paint we need for that room.

Pres Man is taking a night off from working in the room, because of allergies from Heck (where Phil reigns supreme). He did go help pick out paint and he remembered we needed more roller pan liners, so that was awesome. I got some more refills for my awesome edger, too.

Now it's 8:30, and I need to get in there and do some work. Since we're doing the walls first, I need to revamp my list for tonight.

Tape down the drop cloth
Sand down the spackled spots in the walls
Sand down the parts that we did NOT spackle, but which were previously badly patched and/or are cracking
Spackle those areas if they end up needing it. If not, spray the crack stuff on the cracks and the orange peel on any large flat spots.

Since we're going to paint the trim, I probably don't need to tape it, right?

Famous last words.

If I can get the crack stuff and the orange peel on tonight, we can put the first coat on tomorrow night. If I have to wait for new spackle to dry, it'll be Thursday before we can paint.

Did I mention it was over 80 today (I know I did)? That is WAY TOO WARM for March. I am NOT turning on the AC yet!
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