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Yesterday was a waste. It rained today, which meant that yesterday I just wanted to sleep. Pres Man pulled all the nails and I used the wrong stuff to fill some holes in the wood. I thought I had hardening wood filler, which could be sanded and painted, but I had wood putty which never hardens. WTF??

But today! I pulled/dug out all the stuff I had put in wrong, I filled all the holes and gouges in the trim and window frames with sandable/paintable wood filler, I spackled a TON of nail holes and uneven spots (gouges that never got filled in, I guess) in the walls, and Pres Man taped the floor and ceiling. I would be taping above the baseboards right now, but some of the places I needed to spackle are right at that level, so I will have to wait until that is dry and sanded.

I think the next thing we will do is tape the floor covering down; we taped it in the library and kind of liked it, we did not tape it in the guest room and we did not really like that, so in the last room we are going to tape it down every so often and see how that works.

Tomorrow night I will sand the spackled spots, I will sand down the wood filler, and I will sand down the really ugly spots in the wall and see what I find under them. We already know that there are two or three nails in the walls that we cannot get out (without really hurting the wall, anyway), so we're just going to work around those. I hope we never try to drill into them.

I may actually go to Knitting tonight. It's at a place I don't mind (NOT the donut shop) so maybe it will be okay. I need to get home in time for The Walking Dead, though. It's the second-to-last episode this season (woe).

Our neighborhood survived Fake Patty's Day (which they are trying to rebrand as Green Break). Lots of folks parked on our street but we did not see the level of drunken staggering that we saw last year. Our neighbors on the corner had a party but it was not loud at all. They are good guys, I think. Toward the end of the day they even had some girls playing that beanbag game with them, so go you, neighbor guys!

I don't know if we'll be able to get to actual painting tomorrow night, but it would be awesome if we could just get part of it done. We still have not chosen a color for the walls, but Pres Man pointed out that this room is not ALWAYS going to be a nursery and we are NOT going to want to paint it again any time soon (ever), so we should pick a color combination that's easy to match for future decorating as our offspring ages.

It's a good point. So we will just take in the paint chip of the blue and see what we can find that we like and which seems like it would be a lasting color fashion-wise. I mean, a color that is available nearly all the time, and not something (like teal) that comes and goes.

I was wrong about these walls being in much better shape than the other room; they are pretty bad. But I think overall it will be easier to get this room done anyway because my standards are lower.lol I just want to GET IT DONE.

Now we're going to relax and watch the new Atlas Shrugged movie.
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