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I had a pretty good night up until about 20 minutes ago. Here's what we did:

Had a lovely dinner at the oldest Pizza Hut that is still operating in the U.S. Yay for a claim to fame!

When we got home, we dove right into working on the Planet Arium. I'm pleased to report that the newly discovered cracks (which had been patched poorly before we got here) were sanded down and miracle of miracles, they did not require spackling. The lump over the windows was also sanded down and it did need respackling. I took care of that, and then sprayed Good-bye Cracks over both of the cracks. Pres Man primed one of the walls (I helped finish that one) and then I primed the back of the main door, which had been sanded and patched so it needed priming.

It's progress. I figure we can finish priming tomorrow night and this weekend we can put the color on. Whee.

Then we relaxed with some Tosh.0 and I read up on everyone's journals. Very relaxing.

Until I checked an online community I recently joined. It's a group that is protesting the erosion of women's rights. I found out that someone I used to know is apparently watching what I do there, because right after I posted a comment, he posted one. I wish I'd taken a screenshot before he deleted it (after I thanked him for mansplaining), but the jist of it was this: His religious freedoms trump my right to decide what goes on in my body.

Of course. Religious Freedom is totes the explanation for why a woman would need to be invaded by an ultrasound wand before she could rid herself of a rapist's embryo.

They are rewriting that, by the way; apparently people were upset about that part of the bill. I know, I'm surprised too. Some people are so thin-skinned, right? /sarcasm

Oh, and one of the guys who sponsored that bill in the other house of congress SELLS ULTRASOUND EQUIPMENT. Though he steadfastly maintains that he never sells to abortion providers. So that's okay. :P

I should not let this get under my skin the way it does, but seriously. My state is leading the charge toward locking women in their fathers' or husbands' houses. Passing regulations that are effective almost overnight, and then immediately inspecting the health facilities that those regulations affect (of course they could not pass with so little notice)? Restricting the coverage that health insurers can provide in their standard policies? Insisting that doctors pass on medically unproven and perhaps even outright wrong information about how terminating a pregnancy could cause cancer? Writing legislation that says that doctors can WITHHOLD medical information if they believe it will prevent an abortion? A law like that could result in permanent damage to someone's organs. A law like that could get someone killed. So I'm angry again.

I cannot WAIT to vote against these jackholes.
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