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Today was a better day. I think I turned a corner at work, and now things should be easier.

Tonight I thought we'd do more taping and even start priming the walls, but instead we retrieved my birthday package from the very nice lady who lives at my old duplex and we went to the Home Depot and got primer, rollers, an extender rod, and some pan liners.

Then we came home and did not tape anything, nor did we paint. We did watch the debate.

We thought we might go pick paint colors tonight for the exterior of the house, but they close at six and Pres Man had a student keep him late tonight. I'm glad I have a husband who cares enough about his students that he does not kick them out when office hours are over; that's the kind of teacher I always appreciated. We will try to go pick out paint tomorrow or the next day.

I found something on Pinterest tonight that I fell in love with. Someone used carpet stencils to paint their cement porch. I'm sure it cost a billion dollars (the stencil alone is over $100, and I don't even want to know how much the special paint and overcoat was), but it's SO BEAUTIFUL.

Here, have a look. Gorgeous.

If our steps weren't in need of replacement, I'd totally do this. I may paint them anyway; I had been wanting to do a mosaic or something and this would (probably) be less time-intensive. I'd have to do it with cheaper materials but I think even then it could look pretty interesting.

Maybe I should put a concrete contractor on my list of people to call. Maybe we can have our steps repaired rather than completely torn out and replaced. Eventually we want to get a ramp put in due to both our parents, but I don't think that's an immediate project.

I'm thinking of making silhouettes of Pres Man, myself, and Piewacket. I think a nice grouping of three silhouettes might look very nice.

I'm also thinking of making imitation roman shades for the spare room (which I am considering calling Planet Arium due to the celestial theme). We have old blinds that I could use; I'd just have to find the right fabric.

That will wait though. That's a project for after the final room has been painted. Maybe I will do shades in that room, too. After we finish replacing the old blinds in the living room, I'll have enough discarded blinds to do both Planet Arium and the nursery.

So many projects, so little energy. Tomorrow we'll get after that room and maybe get it completely primed. After that it should be easy, right?
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