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Other things that happened this weekend:

Friday night I got off work early, so Pres Man took me to a matinee of the new Ghost Rider movie. It was better than the first one, but cheesier. More one-liners, and it reminded both Pres Man and I of a Sam Raimi movie, like Darkman.

Afterward, he wanted to take me to the Japanese Steakhouse, but it was too busy and I had a slumber party to get to, so we went to Chili's instead, where they handed us a pager and then promptly forgot about us; they sat someone else when our names came up. We never would have gotten a seat if Pres Man had not walked up and asked them how much longer.

After we ate I hurriedly packed for the slumber party at Perky Gothess's house. I was pretty anxious about it, having not been to a slumber party since junior high and remembering all the wonderful things we did to each other at that age. However this party was fun. I helped make naughty cookies, watched Bridesmaids, and played Rock Band.

Around the time that everyone was ready to go to bed, I decided to just take myself on home; instead of all trying to sleep in the same room, uncomfortably, on furniture and the floor, our hostess had enough beds for everyone. While that was very nice, I figured if I was going to be in a bed, I might as well be home with my husband and cat, so that's where I went. That was 2 a.m.

Bridesmaids was funnier than I thought it would be. I was not expecting to like Ms. Wiig, but she was okay. I really liked the cop. He saved the movie. Apparently he's in the IT crowd.

Saturday we went to the Japanese Steakhouse for my official birthday dinner, which was very nice. There was another person at our table who also had a birthday, so that was kind of cool.

I took a nap before that night's game, since I was still kind of sleepy from the slumber party. I had a really hard time waking up, but a huge glass of iced tea and some caffeine gum kept me going. We met our dead paladin's new character, a magus, and we made it to a dam to find out who was trying to knock it down. So far we're not sure, but we've killed some guys who were hammering on it, so that's progress, right?

Today we did not do a lot, other than work on the room. Well, Pres Man finished the big book-editing project he's been working on, which is a big deal. I read Pastwatch, sanded, sprayed, and now I think the room is ready for painting and taping. I'm not going to do the taping tonight; I am tired now and The Walking Dead is on.

The cat is really needy. He's on top of my wrists right now, which means typing is really giving me a workout. Heavy cat. Also, still stinky. Smelly cat, what is Dad feeding you?
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