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Progress on the room:

The crack has been patched, sanded, and "Good-bye Cracks" has been applied once. It will need a second application and then it's done.

The texture is on the walls. When I was spraying it I was not too happy with the dispersal; it had looked better outside. But now that it's dry I think it will be fine.

We've decided to go with the darker colors, which were the ones we brought home initially to test. I think it will be okay.

We missed the deadline, which was Friday, but I think we can get back on track without too much trouble. It will not matter if the nursery is done when the in-laws are visiting, just the guest room. But I hope we'll have the nursery done by then anyway.

I'm not going to Knitting tonight. I find I am a bit grumpy. I ruined my sister's birthday when she asked me if I had gotten her package. I had not. Turns out she sent it to my old address from 2010, so now she's freaking out about getting it back and getting it to me.

I'm just going to stay in, finish the crack stuff, maybe wipe down all the walls to get the dust off from the sanding, and perhaps tape the room. I should make a list of the things we will need from Home Depot, because it's nearly time to go get the paint.

I've been wearing my new boots everywhere and I really like them. I am going to go to the magic foot guy and get more insoles so I can have some in all my shoes without having to grab them and change them out.

I have been reading Pastwatch and it's as good as I remembered.

I wish my cat did not feel the need to occupy my lap when he has flatulence.
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