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Toward the end of the work day, I got very fatigued. I was working as fast as I could, and things were going right (no snags) but I cannot keep that up for very long and when I'm done, I'm done.

So I am taking a night off of working on the walls. But I did do something related to the project; I got some Good-bye Cracks! They had it at Menards. I never go there because it feels disloyal (I know someone who works at Home Depot), but I'm glad I went tonight. I got the spray, a new LED for my keychain, and some sandpaper.

And then I allowed myself to go to Hobby Lobby to look at their metal jewelry stuff. OMG, I'm not sure if that was a good idea or not. Most of the stuff I was interested in was on sale. Clearance stuff, 50% off stuff....I got a bunch. And then I got a set of clay cutting blades (I need a very sharp one and a flexible one for my tutorials) and some round and square clay cutters (again, for the tutorials). OH! And I found a butterfly piece exactly like the one in the tutorial! So now after I get some resin, I will be all set.

I may yet spackle tonight, so that I can spray the crack stuff on tomorrow or the next day. It may be going to snow this weekend, which messes up my plans to experiment with the texture spray outside. Maybe I can set up a plastic tent downstairs and play with it there.

Tonight I also did something I should have done a while ago; I backed up all the knitting patterns, sewing files, and pictures on Astrid. I've still got about 75% left on the thumb drive that I copied them to, so I will probably try to go back up the pictures and knitting patterns from the other computer sometime soon.
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