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Tonight we got a couple more paint testers. I think we may have found our blue, because it's called "Viking" and I just love that. We're trying a lighter version of the gold, but that was just for fun.

I also got some orange peel spray-on texture for the sanded spots on the walls and I got what is probably just a waste of money but I wanted it anyway. It's an edger. Not the one that is shaped like an iron that you fill up, but one that you load by brushing it through the pain in the pan, scraping off the excess, and then you put it on the wall. I hope it will work.

I plan to experiment on cardboard with the texture before trying it in the room.

We also got some more brushes, so we are basically set as soon as we find our paint (and I really think we may have done that tonight).

On the advice of a knitter, I got some baby wipes that include propylene glycol as an ingredient. She swears they are even better than Goo Gone for getting off stickies, and I have some very stubborn places left.

We brought in the extension cord today, so whenever I want I can sand ANY PART of that room. Mwha ha ha haaaa.

But now I am going to go soak in the tub, because I am a bit stiff and I have new bath salts to relax in.
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