kauricat (kauricat) wrote,

Tonight was a better night. I did some more sanding, washed the Goo Gone off the walls, and now I'm watching Alcatraz.

I tried a different grade of sandpaper, and it's SO much better. The first time I was afraid of sanding too deeply, so I used medium paper. Tonight I tried the coarser stuff and OMG what a difference. It's so awesome.

I will have more sanding to do; I need to get one of our big extension cords and use that to get the corners of the room. But it's definitely getting there. I love my Mouse so much.

I'm really happy my motivation came back. I'm not quite as driven as I was before, but I need to accept that I cannot go full steam all the time. It's okay for me to take a break; it does not equate to quitting.
Tags: dw, house

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