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So yeah. I told the room to take a chill pill and Pres Man and I relaxed. Whatever was getting me was also getting him. His allergies were outrageous and he could barely stay conscious with all the allergy stuff he took.

I had a nap when I got home, then got up for supper, and I'm heading back to bed soon.

I think I need to accept that this is just a low energy time for me and that I will recover my drive in a while. In the meantime, I am not going to beat myself up for not forging ahead on getting that room painted.

I have a chiropractic appointment tomorrow and I'm going to tell him that I no longer want my neck worked on. I'm not sure how that will go. If he won't agree then I'll just stop going there. First it was my brother-in-law (when, in the Summer? Maybe Fall) telling me that cervical adjustments (the ones where they work on your neck) caused a woman to need EMTs; she was having trouble with her eyes. I pooh-poohed that. How could cracking your bones mess up your eyes? Then I read this book that was a Christmas gift of Pres Man's (yes, I am the type of wife who will totally take your new gift book and read it first), where Robin Cook mentioned that cervical manipulations can kill or maim you.

I pooh-poohed that too, originally. It was presented so angrily in the book and with such malice that I thought it was just a personal grudge and a convenient scapegoat for the plot purposes. Nope. It turns out that it does happen. People get their neck cracked and the sudden movement can harm the arteries in your neck. Then you have a stroke. People end up paralyzed, brain damaged, or dead.

It's a very remote possibility, I grant you. But having had this brought to my attention twice through two different channels in the last few months I'm inclined to take it more seriously. How stupid would I feel if, knowing this was a possibility, I kept getting my head twisted and ended up getting damaged or killed (okay, the latter would probably not make me feel stupid, since I would not feel anything).

I still believe chiropractic is helpful, but the risk of stroke is not worth it to me. I will be happy with just the thoracic and lumbar stuff.
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