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Today I Goo-Goned the sticky bits that were still there and I spackled some holes I had missed the first time.

I haven't put any test paint on the walls yet; I ran out of steam after spackling and putting the Goo Gone on that walls. I slept too late today and then we had a game tonight, so there was not a ton of time to get things done that require setting time and drying time.

Tomorrow I'll scrub off the walls, sand down the new spackle, and probably attack the remaining walls with the mouse sander. I found a LOT more places today that need to be sanded. These walls were in terrible shape, honestly. Also, the back of the door was awful! I was surprised by that when Pres Man pointed it out. That'll have to be sanded as well; there are places on the walls and on the door where they painted over sticker residue. Bastages.

Anyway, it's coming along, though slowly. I'm still hoping that the last room will go more quickly. This one was a bear to clean out and the walls were so bad. I think that's why this got to be the library, originally. We just shoved book cases in front of the bad places and forgot about them.

I'm ready for bed now. Tomorrow I hope I'll get as far as being able to do some paint testing, but if not, that's okay. I am giving myself permission to take another day for sanding and cleaning the walls before putting any paint on them.

I'm glad we're doing it this way. It will not be perfect when we're done, but it will be a LOT closer than it was when we moved in.
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