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We're still making good progress! Tonight Pres Man fixed the surround sound, fixed the DVD sound, and got sound (and not just sound, but surround sound) from the computer!

Meanwhile, I spackled the holes in the room, which I am hoping I got them all. I think I did.

AND AND AND, we decided on a color scheme. We're going with blue and tan, which matches the comforter we already have. I'm going to get new sheets for that bed, which will be blue or gold. We'll also be getting new pillows for that bed. Whee!

We have not decided on the ratio of blue and tan. Maybe 50/50, maybe 75/25. But at least we know what we want and we have a pillow sham to take in and match our paint to.

I'm really pleased. We are STILL on track with this project.

Jeez, I'm beginning to think that between my job (every project has a schedule of milestones)and my husband (The Finisher), I'm becoming more of a Project Manager type. CLEAN by this date, REMOVE STICKERS by this date, SPACKLE by this date, SAND by this date, PAINT by this date.

So yeah. More rigid than I used to be, maybe. But it's working okay.

Tomorrow night I will get mouse sandpaper and masks. I will do the sanding (and try out my new toy!) and maybe Thursday we will be able to go get some paint (and rollers, and pan liners, and more foam brushes because those turned out to be da bomb diggity). Friday is a FREE DAY and then Saturday we can tape and hopefully begin painting.

We just finished watching The State of the Union Address. It was a good one. This is the President that everyone voted for. Too bad he didn't show up again until tonight.
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